Sunday, March 2, 2014

This is a post

Cobbled together a quick post, with thanks to my drafts folder. All those half finished posts have been taunting me. 

A few weeks ago, my little bro made pizza. And after it was finished and we had tried it, he told me that I had to put it onto the blog. Haha he's friggin' awesome! And this pizza was too - topped with venison sausage and jalapeno. We gotta get more of that sausage and recreate it!

The Crossfit Open started this week! A new workout is announced every week for the next five weeks. This first one was to do as many rounds as possible in ten minutes of 30 double unders and 15 snatches. Sounded relatively easy but damn, it was a burner. I was hoping to score a bit higher than I did but oh well. It is an exciting time at the gym, seeing everyone push themselves a bit harder than usual and LOTS of people got their very first double unders, which was so cool.

Gotta love Crossfit humor ;) 

Speaking of Crossfit, I signed up for my first real Crossfit competition! It isn't until April but I'm already a bit nervous. I've never been a very competitive person but it should be fun, if nothing else. Last week my gym did a members-only competition, which was a great way for me to test and see doing more than one workout in a day would be. The day afterwards I wasn't even really sore, just tired. Feeling more confident already.
I also signed up to do Tough Mudder. Last year, I made it 4 miles into the race but I slipped going downhill, rolled my ankle, and had to leave the course. :( Vengeance will be had and that damn orange headband WILL be mine.

And circling back to food, I made these amazing Paleo Bacon Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookies this week. Already planning a repeat of them soon! #nom

Have you ever competed in any sports? 
Ever run in any muddy obstacle races?


  1. Dude Venison sausage? Um. Yum. I'm going to be on the lookout for gourmet meats here. I reckon you need to come back to aus to go on a food safari with one else here is GAME. (Ha, get it, Game meat....why am I so funny?)

    You are a machine with not one, but two crazy tough competitions...I can't wait to see your prep- while I stand in the side lines with a kangaroo burger on a bacon bun.

    1. Ba dum tiss! Haha I'd be totally okay with that! Sounds like a good time!

      Thanks, we'll see how they go. Should be fun, if nothing else.

      That burger sounds like a dream - yum!!

  2. Those cookies... *drool*. Never competed in a Tough Mudder, but I might like to try someday. There's some other Warrior race or something that my husband & I were contemplating... I'm sure you'll kick butt this time in your race & get that orange headband! :)

    1. Thank you, Karey!

      Yes, it might be the Warrior Dash? I haven't done that specific one but I say you guys should totally go for it! These races are a lot of fun!!!

  3. Love all the randomness! And Arman ... ugh! :D

    I love running races, but have never done any of the 'mudder' runs, not really on my radar right now. Doing mostly hald and full marathons and working towards an ultra later this year.

    Found your site from Arman's Sunday post, and was pulled by the site name as someone who was born & raised in Stoughton and then lived with my wife in Acton for several years before moving to Townsend where we raised our kids until the crap economy required a move to upstate NY a few years ago.

    1. Hi Michael - thanks for stopping by! I appreciate it :)

      I am seriously in awe of anyone that runs marathons! And an ultra, holy moly, that is unreal. Best of luck in your training and race! The mudder runs seem a heck of a lot easier because the obstacles break up the running, which is my least favorite part haha.

      Oh cool, I'm actually just a few towns over from Stoughton. Small world, huh? Upstate NY is beautiful, though, so I bet that its enjoyable. :)