Sunday, February 9, 2014

Over- and Underrated Veggies

I came across this article about the most overrated and underrated veggies, according to chefs. Apparently they are so over kale, but whatever - kale chips are where its least until I can get my hands on a bag of Lay's. Read the article HERE.

My pick for most overrated? Mushrooms. While I've found a couple different uses that I don't mind 'shrooms in, I feel like mushrooms are just tossed into dishes too often. We're told how flavorful they are & that they pick up the dish's flavor (um, no) or that they are meaty so replace that burger patty with a mushroom cap. (NOOOO!)

A mushroom I do like

Most underrated has to be cauliflower. While it has started to pick up steam, with thanks to the paleo and low-carbers of the world, most people still claim to detest this humble veg. It is fairly neutral flavored so it picks up other flavors wonderfully. Besides holding court on the ubiquitous party veggie platter, it is great roasted, made into cauliflower "rice", used as a substitute for mashed taters, curried, form cauliflower pizza crusts, and much more.

Try me, I'm awesome

What are your overrated and underrated veggie picks?


  1. YES x 100. I am ridiculously obsessed with cauliflower, and besides potatoes, they are two vegetables which are ALWAYS there. Always. I do think Kale is overrated, but then again, its $6.99 a bunch at most places (or even more!) so failed kale chips (as were my results = no bueno!

    1. Ack, that is SO expensive for kale! I totally don't blame you for not thinking highly of it! Its usually about a buck a bunch here.

      If you ever come back to the States, I'll make you some killer kale chips and get ya to change your mind. ;)