Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Goals, why I've been an absentee blogger, and lots of pics

One of my goals for 2014 is to actually keep up with this blog. The past few months have been crazy busy: my work routine was shaken up for a few months, life kept springing up, and I spent a couple weeks in Australia! I'm gonna say that those are all great excuses reasons and because of them, blogging clearly took a backseat. I wish I could say I was one of those people who made time for blogging no matter what...but I just can't at this point since it can be a major time suck, albeit a fun one.  

Anyway, that's the plan. But you'll have to ask the Magic 8 Ball to see if I'll stick with it.

Since you've got me here, I may as well do a little extra writing. And speaking of goals, I'm pretty happy to say that I followed through with a number of them over this past year. Something that rarely happens. I got my car fixed up, my debts paid off, finally nailed 50 double unders in a row, and completed at least one new-to-me activity each month! The new activities challenge was a lot of fun because it helped make me search out new things to do when I otherwise might chicken out or simply get lackadaisical.

And so, here's why I've been a bad and absent blogger this year: 

African safari! Including riding an elephant, petting lions, Victoria Falls, exploring the Great Zimbabwe Ruins and Blyde Canyon, so much more...

Hitting the range and shooting my first gun

Passing my Crossfit level 1 certification; "competing" in my first Crossfit Opens

Spectated my first Boston Marathon, luckily far away from the unfortunate chaos

Road trip to the Rock on the Range festival; hitting Pittsburgh, Columbus OH, a piece West Virginia, and the Yuengling Factory in Pottsville PA

Explored Lowell; attempted my first Tough Mudder. (Though I didn't finish due to injury, I'd always said that I would never do a TM but there I was...I'll get that orange headband next time)

Monkey Trunks ropes course; Newport Storm brewery

Peach picking with the little boy I nanny for

Redhook Brewery tour & exploring Portsmouth NH; Electric Run

Sushi making class with my babe; hot yoga class

Ran my first Turkey Trot; visited Mercy Brown's gravesite

Australian adventures! Since I haven't told my family about my adventures yet, I won't share here until I do - because that wouldn't be right, would it?! But here's a few quick pics to whet your appetite...

Damn, it has been an excellent twelve months! :D 

Aside from these new happenings, plenty of the usual life happenings went on too...cooking, restaurants, brews, concerts, parties, Spartan Racing, little trips around, Saco, Phantom Gourmet Food Fest, Crossfit, yadda yadda yadda. Now you know why its been a ghost town around here. ;)

But stay tuned for a year's end food round-up post coming soon. That is one posting that I haven't missed yet!


  1. Nothing wrong with taking a step back from blogging when life gets in the way ;)

    I didn't know you held a certification for crossfit! We should have had an impromptu class outside Palate! That Victoria Falls photo...Amazing.

    1. Thanks Arman! I'm glad that you agree...it was great chatting about that as well! :)

      Haha that would've definitely drawn some stares but would've been a lot of fun! Next time we'll have to! I'm looking forward to hearing about your CF experience too, btw ;)