Wednesday, September 4, 2013

WIAW: What I Africa! (part 2)

Happy Wednesday WIAWers! I'm sharing more of my Africa eats this week.

You're interrupting my meal!

Egg topped steak; Lamb curry in roti

Not sure what this restaurant was called but we stopped by while touring around Cape Town. It wasn't anything too special but I did enjoy my lamb! Lamb is a popular meat in the area.

Plate of HEAVEN including some amazing beef with creamy mushroom sauce; tomato soup shooters; my first ever taste of Christmas pudding w/ custard

The first few days of our trip were pretty tough - multiple truck breakdowns, missing a spot on our itinerary, our first chef's crappy cooking. Luckily, we were rewarded on Christmas Day with an amazing feast by the folks at Delta Rain. They even decorated the tables, had a mini Christmas tree on the patio, and gave us little wrapped gifts. It was super nice of them, especially after the hard first days of our trip.


Huge pizza fanatic I am, I obviously had to get some while in Africa. Pizza Inn was always accompanied by a chain of other "Inns," like Chicken Inn. Nothing special and the crust was pretty bad. 

On the other hand, I thought the Debonairs Pizza was pretty dece and would probably order back home. We got the Meaty Double Stack, which reminded me a bit of that cheesy double decker pizza Domino's used to offer. 

Can't remember what this was; biscotti w/ creme brulee; lamb rump 

Jumping back to Cape Town, we stayed at a Cape Milner, a nice hotel with a gorgeous view of Table Mountain. Their breakfast buffet was decent & they had bacon so I was a happy gal. And their dinner menu was yummy, though it was strange to me that almost everything seems to come with fries. 

A cloud covered Table Mountain. The locals call the cloud cover the tablecloth haha.

A couple of enormous egg rolls at Chobe.

We discovered meat pies while we were gassing the truck up. After that, we had to buy them anytime we came across them! So good! I was determined to make them once I returned home but still haven't - gotta get on that!

Part three next week! :D

[In case you missed part one, check it out here.]


  1. So much variety here- I love how you ordered pizza while you were there- how cultural of you :P

    I can't wait for you to taste meat pies here- In fact some places put so much emphasis on their pies in order to win the annual best pie competitions (We have so many of them lol!)

    1. Haha I just HAD to test it out, know what I mean?! ;)

      Mmmmm I'm hungry for them already! That is so fun that there's competitions - so jealous!

  2. Oh no! You didn't enjoy Pizza Inn? I actually just tried it for y first time the other and really enjoyed it!! :( :(

    1. Well, I'm a bit of a pizza crust snob. But it could be perhaps we got a bad one? The rest of it was okay! Where did you get yours? :)

  3. Love this! What an awesome trip... mmm, egg rolls and meat pies!