Friday, August 2, 2013

Sprinkles Ice Cream

I'm just going to say it: I have been loving these Ice Cream Fridays because it gives me an excuse to get ice cream! Blogger duties and all that. :)

When visiting an oceanfront town, it is practically a sin if you don't get an ice cream. So while in Newport, Rhode Island on Monday, I had to obey the law and order an icy treat.

Sprinkles Ice Cream is a tiny ice cream booth right on Bowen's Wharf. While they do offer hot dogs, Italian ices, and milkshakes, most people just wanna order a scoop or two. They have both hard and soft serve ice creams, as well as a couple frozen yogurt flavors - a kind for everyone. Because there is always that difficult person...

All during lunch I stared down the Sprinkles sign and knew that a cone would be in my future. My best friend kept her choice traditional (and nail polish matching) with a strawberry scoop.

Obviously if you have been reading these past Ice Cream Fridays posts, you know I didn't have to think about what flavor to get for too long...

A good ol' cookies n cream cone. It was good but definitely could've used a few more big chunks of Oreos hidden in there. I love finding those hidden treasure troves in there. However, a fun discovery was made upon eating the last bite: the cone's tip was filled with jimmies! A great way to keep melting ice cream from leaking out and to ease the pain of knowing it was your last bite.

Oh, and fittingly, Sprinkles offers free jimmies or sprinkles on your ice cream. Order up!

Sprinkles Ice Cream is located at 9 Bowen's Wharf, Newport RI.

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