Friday, August 23, 2013

Red Cherry Frozen Yogurt

Happy Ice Cream Friday! I found a fun slideshow on the Travel Channel website about ice cream around the world. Check it out - there's some really unique stuff on there.

Lately, frozen yogurt shops seem to have taken over as THE go to cold treat. And I totally understand why - the froyo of today tastes just like ice cream, comes in various flavors, and the multitude of toppings. Ohh, the toppings!

Backing up for a second, one of the newest froyo shops around is Red Cherry Frozen Yogurt in Walpole. Many frozen yogurt joints seem to follow one of two basic formats: some dish out the yogurt & toppings for you and others are totally self-serve. Happily, Red Cherry is self service which I prefer because then I can completely control my cup! Also, you pay for the weight of your cup, not for the cup size or number of toppings.

Red Cherry has a bunch of different flavors, varying from the traditional to gluten-free sorbets, tart yogurts, and fun ones (like cinnamon bun and my beloved cookies n cream)! Pump any combination into your cup and then head for the toppings bar. Whatever you fancy, they are sure to have: nuts, candy, fruit, cookies, everything. Choose wisely. ;) 

Clearly I'm a toppings maniac but I promise that there is actual froyo under there! In my cup: cookies n cream and chocolate-peanut butter yogurts topped with Oreo, Reese's, cookie dough chunks, waffle cone pieces, hot fudge, and whipped cream. Wicked healthy!

There small shop does have a few tables both inside and out. Or take a walk across the road to the Walpole Common and enjoy your froyo in the grass!

Red Cherry Frozen Yogurt is located at 1049 Main Street, Walpole MA.


  1. This is why I need to be given a green card- cinnamon bun froyo!? argh. That looks like paleo in a cup.

  2. Froyo is definitely my go-to treat. But it has to be pay by the ounce and self-serve. I'm amazed that any non-self-serve yogurt shops are still left in business!

    1. Agree! Not being able to self scoop takes the whole fun outta the froyo experience.