Sunday, August 11, 2013

Caprese Burgers

The prime time for tomatoes is now! Use em up in any way, shape, or form now because they (sadly) won't last forever.

I love a good caprese salad. And I love a good burger. So why not combine the two summer staples for a super quick and easy meal?!

Caprese Burgers

This isn't really a recipe - more of just a general guideline to what I did. 
Obviously you can change it up, substitute stuff, and experiment for yourselves! :)

1. Slice a tomato up and marinate the pieces in some balsamic, evoo, salt, and black pepper. You don't have to do this if you don't want but it makes it extra tasty.
2. Grill up some burgers! I used tasty grass-fed beef for mine but choose your favorite - turkey, veggie patty, or even one of them large Portabellos. I can't vouch for how any of those will taste but if that's what you like, then have at it!
3. When burgers are about a minute or two done to your liking, top with a thick slice of mozzarella cheese. Fresh mozz is fantastically amazing - try and get a hold of some. Cook another minute or so, until the cheese starts getting all melty.
4. Layer on some fresh basil leaves and your tomato slices. I sandwiched mine between some large lettuce leaves in trying to keep this mostly paleo. Otherwise, pop your patty onto a bun, into a wrap, or just eat with a knife and fork, whatever. Just as long as you enjoy!

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