Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Its Wednesday. The middle of the week. Hump Day. Let's start off with a mindlessly fun survey!

Coke or Pepsi? I don't drink soda and when I do, its usually root beer. But given the choice, Coke.
Lemonade or fruit punch? Lemonade!
Caramel apple or cotton candy? Cotton candy. Blue. On a stick. :)
Butterfinger or Snickers? Depends what I'm in the mood for because I like em both.
Pudding or Jell-O? Pudding.
Turkey or chicken? Chicken.


American or Provolone cheese? Provolone. But sometimes a grilled cheese made with American is a must - so melty!
Crackers or cookies? Crackers. 
Pretzels or chips? CHIPS! I am a Chip Monster. I will destroy bags set in front of me.
Pie or cake? Cake.


Mexican or Japanese food? Mexican. 
Chinese or Italian food? Italian.
Ice cream or cookies? Ice cream.
Pasta or pizza? Seriously? This is seriously a question? Pizza! 


Soda or juice? Juice, which I rarely drink though. I usually just drink water.
Chocolate bars or chocolate truffles? Truffles. 
Apples or bananas? Can't pick, won't pick - both.
Salad or soup? Salad.
Cauliflower or broccoli? Cauli! Love, love, love!
Onion rings or French fries? DQ's onion rings.
Blizzard or McFlurry? Blizzard. 
Fried or poached eggs? Fried.
Crepes or pancakes? Pancakes.


Hashbrowns or roasted potatoes? Roasted potatoes because I'm assuming they meant homefries. Because homefries and hashbrowns ARE different, despite what some restaurants seems to think
Oatmeal or cereal? Oatmeal. I miss my old "usual" breakfast, before I turned mostly paleo.

Okay, that was fun! Let's get to some WIAW action now, shall we?

I can't be trusted with a container of raspberries since I will eat the whole thing in one sitting. So good! Definitely my favorite berry.

Holy crap, that's a lot of vinegar! Apple cider, pomegranate, fig, balsamic, raw coconut, blood orange, and malt. What are some other ones I should add to my collection?!

I made this Thai Grilled Chicken with Sweet & Spicy Dipping Sauce from the June issue of Eating Well. Pretty darn good! By itself, the chicken was fairly decent but it was definitely tastier with the sauce. FYI: the sauce recipe calls for rice or cider vinegar. I had seasoned rice vinegar, which already contains sugar, so I didn't add much more sugar to mine. Also, I realized that my rice vinegar isn't pictured above...another vinegar in the books!

Obsessed with this cheese! If you live near a Trader Joe's you absolutely must give this one a try!

Grilled pork tenderloin and applesauce, the perfect combo! I spiced my pork up with a little bit of...

Mama's Pearl hot sauce! I reviewed these Boston-based hot sauces on my blog, so check it out here

Spicy Tuna Tempura. The sauce on this was out-freakin-standing! New favorite sushi right here.

And since I don't have any boozed up shots for you this week (shocker, I know), how about some chocolate? Everyone loves chocolate.


Happy Wednesday!


  1. What a fun idea for a WIAW post. I'm with you on blizzard over a mcflurry. They totally never put enough toppings or ice cream in the cup. CHEAPSCAPES! :)

    1. Thank you! Absolutely true - gotta have em filled to the brim with lotsa toppings!

  2. I think that the grilled cheese sandwiches with the most amount of cheese are the best. Especially if they combine a number of different cheeses!

    1. I like how you think!! The more cheese, the better!

  3. Fun survey! Most of those items I can't even keep in the house or it would be trouble! :)

  4. I love cake too!!! :)

    I love both mexican and japanese food, I don't know I could pick one. Probably Japanese if I had too!

    1. I recently just started eating sushi & other Japanese foods so I haven't yet scratched the surface! Do you have any favorites??

  5. Fun survey! But those are just so hard to pick from. Blizzard or McFlurry? Gah. Cookie dough blizzard or M&M mcflurry... How do you choose? Okay, cookie dough :)

    And pasta or pizza... Again. So so hard! Fettucine alfredo or Domino's. You are much better at this picking thing than me. Haha. I'm seriously considering which one I like more and it's very difficult.

    Pancakes over crepes are a given though!

    1. Haha yes, cookie dough always wins! And the only reason I could say pizza so affirmatively was because I'm obsessed with it ;) Trust me, I actually agonized over a few of the questions hehe!

      Very sorry to be replying to you so belatedly!

  6. Raspberries are one of my favorites also. It isn't hard for me to knock out the whole container in one sitting either!!

    1. Glad to hear I'm not the only berry hound! ;)

      Also, very sorry to be replying to you so late!