Friday, July 12, 2013

Sweet N Crafty

Another week, another cone!

Sweet N Crafty is a cozy ice cream shop in Mansfield, one that locals flock to on warm summer nights and have for thirty years. Their old-fashioned ice cream is just the thing to cool ya off while hanging out on the outdoor porch. Plan your visit for Thursday or Sunday evenings and score live music to boot! Or head inside to keep cool and check out the game tables.

Sweet N Crafty makes their own soft and hard serve ice creams right on the premises. Thus, they typically have a smaller assortment of flavors than some shops but boy do they heap it right on there, so get a small or bring your appetite! And visit often since they alternate flavors fairly regularly.

I was baffled by the 'snow cream' flavor. The guy at the window said it was a very vanilla-y vanilla? Might have to try that next time and see for myself. Though I also heard the brownie sundae is chocolate heaven sooo we'll see.

Pretty sure this is the peanut butter fudge swirl - a new flavor in my repertoire! Wha-what?! I see the most perfect bite...

And I think my babe got cake batter. I gotta get better at remembering what these damn cones are, though I do remember stealing plenty of tastes. Luckily he's a great sharer! ;)

But my favorite thing about Sweet N Crafty is a memory. I remember when I was in third grade we could earn "coupons" from our teacher for good behavior, excellent work, that sort of thing. You could turn these coupons in for a multitude of things, like a night off homework or a special trinket. But what sticks in my mind is if you saved up enough tickets, my teacher would bring you here to get ice cream. So cool in my little third grader brain. 

Hell, who am I kidding, its still cool. And I'm still easily motivated by ice cream! 

Sweet N Crafty is located at 34 N. Main Street, Mansfield MA.

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