Sunday, July 14, 2013

Mama Pearl's Hot Sauce

My day was made a few weeks ago when I was approached about reviewing Boston-based hot sauce company, Mama Pearl's. Not only am I a hot sauce lover, but its always nice to support a local business! And they're made with all-natural, real ingredients so that totally sealed the deal.

Look at the gorgeous packaging! 

My favorite Mama Pearl's flavor is the Mild. Contrary to the name, it does have a kick of heat. It is the perfect hot sauce for my scrambled eggs in the morning - very flavorful without overdoing the spiciness. I've also put a big spoonful in veggie soup, on grilled chicken, and on top of pizza and it was fantastic every time. The Mild seems to be the workhorse of the hot sauce world, working well in practically all applications. :)

Mild Mama Pearl's + cheesy eggs = awesome breakfast!

Upon first look, the original flavor (aka Caribbean) made me think of pesto. However, it was nothing like pesto; it smelled of garlic and cilantro and I was immediately on board. Made with both habaneros and jalapenos, the original is darn spicy and a little goes a long way. This flavor also went great on eggs, but I especially enjoyed it on steak - it was kind of like a spicy chimichurri sauce! Betting it would be a great meat marinade as well.

The Fresa flavor is made with strawberries so I was expecting a sweet, milder heat. Was I surprised when I scooped up a whole ton and - whew! - almost blew my tongue out. Now that I know that though, I'm better prepared when using it and know not to go heavy at first. ;) I really enjoyed this hot sauce on pork and would like to use it next in homemade salsa. And check out this really unique recipe for Mama Pearl's Strawberry Stuffed French Toast!

Rumor has it that a fourth flavor, Hawaiian, will be debuting this fall. I have a feeling it will be just as deliciously hot as these three. In the meantime, I recommend that all you hot sauce aficionados seek out Mama Pearl's. You won't be disappointed!

Thank you to both Mama Pearl's and Lauren at Image Unlimited Communications for giving me the opportunity to check out Mama Pearl's Hot Sauce! 

[I was provided with complimentary bottles of Mama Pearl's Hot Sauce to sample. However, all opinions in this review are my own.]


  1. That looks good! How great that you were asked to review it. :)

    1. It was very tasty...and spicy! I'm still psyched that I was given the opportunity to - I love hot sauces!

      Thanks for stopping by!! :)