Friday, July 5, 2013

Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams

I saw this fun article over on the Travel Channel website the other day and had to share: their "summer to do list." Personally, I love the list and hope to do most of these items myself!

1. Head to the beach.
2. Hit the open road.
3. Take your workout to the water.
4. Get some fresh air.
5. Watch a movie under the stars.
6. Take your bike for a spin.
7. Cool off with a treat. :)

Oh yeah, even Travel Channel is endorsing some scoopage this summer! So let's check out another place to grab a cone during ice cream Fridays.

(image source)

During a recent trip to Ohio, my best friend and I caught wind of a tasty little ice cream shop called Jeni's. We decided to investigate and am I glad that we did! (Side note: We also HAD to check out the Arnold Schwarzenegger statue in Columbus. Because how awesome.)

Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams had some really cool & unique flavors and I wanted to try them all! Luckily, the man behind the counter was super nice and told us we could snag a sample of anything we wished. Yay! So I sampled to my heart's delight and then hemmed and hawwed until I narrowed my cup down to three flavors.

They were all very tasty but the Buckeye State was my favorite - salty peanut butter ice cream with dark chocolate flakes strewn throughout. ::drool:: A neat sample I tried was the Queen City Cayenne: sweet, delicious chocolate with a bit of heat at the end. 

And while I chose to keep my ice cream naked, Jeni's has lots of different toppings including "gravel," crunchy bits of topping. Again, Jeni's busted out some unique flavors, both sweet and savory. I can't imagine topping my scoop with everything bagel but, hey, it must work!

The shop we stopped into had a cute sitting area to eat in. I loved the little touches! 

Can't get to a Jeni's? No worries. Upon writing this post, I was browsing their website and realized you can order pints of their frosty treats for home delivery. 

Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams is located at 714 N. High Street, Columbus OH. 
They also have other Ohio locations and two in Tennessee - check the website for more details.

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