Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Hard to believe that it is the last day of July already. This summer is flying by! And while I absolutely love fall, I'm so not ready to start thinking about it. But "they" seems to already be pushing it - I've seen numerous back to school ads and then came across this at the liquor store...

The best pumpkin beer. Ever.

Of course, I absolutely gave in and bought some because its like, a natural reflex. And actually, I haven't been loving the summer beers this year. For some reason they have all tasted funny and "off" to me, even ones I usually enjoy like Sam Summer or Saranac Shandy. Guess my taste buds are ready for fall, even if I'm not.

Anyway, happy What I Ate Wednesday to ya all!

More scrambled eggs topped with cheese and Mama Pearl's hot sauce! Totally loving this combo. This time, I added some red to my plate with the addition of tomatoes in the eggs and a whole ton of summer strawberries on the side.
A spicy lil snack! Spicy green olives and stuffed cherry peppers. I love raiding the olive bar for treats. Or sometimes, just a regular bar. My best friend and I were enjoying a few drinks at a Las Vegas bar and they had colossal green olives for martinis. I asked the bartender if I could have one and he gave me a shot glass full. After I gobbled em all up, he asked if I would like another shot of olives. Haha! Seriously, I probably ate 7 shot glasses worth of olives. It was a good day.

A kiwi margarita and a big ass bowl of black bean soup from a local Mexican joint. Usually I steer clear of margs but these are the best - not too sweet or sour or boozy.

It was my sweet little niece's sixth birthday last week and we had her party over the weekend. She requested a Beatles birthday so everything was decorated with Beatles stuff and we cranked their tunes. And of course, the grill was cranking out some tasty eats. I love me some BBQ goodies, especially my mom's potato salad. #thebest :)

My babe has been talking up the Publick House's Brendoni sandwich and I finally got to give it a try for myself. Well, let's just say that he was definitely onto something - this thing is goooood! Braised short ribs, pancetta, fried egg, caramelized onions, tomato, arugula, basil aioli, and asiago cheese....basically, everything amazing all wrapped up in one sandwich! We also had some of their fries with both truffle and apricot & mango ketchups.
I watched the Crossfit Games while eating a Klondike Bar. Probably not the best choice of snack...I feel like I should've been downing a protein shake or something haha. I like the irony of it, though.

My best friend and I went to Newport, RI on Monday - it is such a pretty area. Of course, we found ourselves all kinds of edibles...

For lunch, I just HAD to order these ridiculous tater tots wrapped in bacon, served with cheese and BBQ sauces. So freakin' good! Don't worry, I ate a salad alongside this so everything was negated. Right??

Well, maybe not since I snagged a cone later in the day. But let's get real - who can resist a cone during a day by the waterfront? My beloved cookies n cream with jimmies. (Not sprinkles, jimmies.)

After wandering around downtown Newport, we hit up the Newport Storm brewery for a little tour and beer sampling action. Their blueberry beer is by far the best! Local people, give this one a go!

Saw this and obviously had to try it. Freakin' spicy and strange but cool to have tried.
Alright, whew! Now I need to get to bed so I can get up bright and early for Crossfit. Gotta work off all these crazy calories off somehow! 
Happy Wednesday!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Wholly Cannoli

(Ack, I realized around Wednesday that this post was supposed to publish last Friday and never did. I was away and didn't notice so apologies. Here it is this week, instead. Obviously.)

Ice cream Fridays, take two!

Wholly Cannoli out of Worcester was first brought to my attention thanks to the always amazing Phantom Gourmet Food Fest! Easily one of my favorite eats ever discovered through the PGFF, a pilgrimage to the storefront while trekking through Worm Town was obviously in order. And I had one thing on my mind:

Dynamite Sticks.

Nom nom nom

These things are so darn amazing. The one that made me fall in love, the Original: a cold cannoli filling...covered in caramel...covered in a crunchy chocolate shell. While not technically ice cream, they are like the upscale brother of those Good Humor ice cream crunch bars, so I'm counting it. It is my blog and I'll do what I want to. ;P

There's quite the lineup of other Dynamite Stick flavors, including triple chocolate and Neapolitan. Wholly Cannoli also has "Landmines," which are smaller versions of the Sticks for the less...greedy? Buuuut I don't think a smaller one would work for me since I usually gotta share with someone (love you, babe!) and I'm a total glutton for these. 

Cross-section of Heaven

Like the restaurant name suggests, they do also have cannolis as well as tons of other bakery treats. Don't want sugar just yet? A breakfast and lunch cafe menu has gotcha covered with sandwiches, wraps, and salads. The pizza looked pretty tasty, too. But then again, we all know pizza is always a good thing. Even when its bad, its pretty good. 

Wholly Cannoli is at 490 Grafton Street, Worcester MA.

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013


It was a whirlwind weekend of canoeing, camping, rope course climbing, eating, and drinking in New Hampshire. But I made it through. Mostly unscathed, too! All because I wanted to share with you my eats from the past week. ;)

View from our hotel room in North Conway

Another shot of our view

 Grilling up burgers in the summer is a must. But beef can get tiring so when I found lamb burgers for a great deal the other day, I immediately scooped em up! I whipped up a quick tzatziki sauce and - bam! - dinner was done. Delicious and much different than the usual burger fare I've been eating all summer.

Mixed spring greens, cucumbers, and tomatoes made for a simple but fabulous side to my epic burger. It has been far too hot to cook much of interest lately. Hopefully the weather cools a bit soon so I get back to more cooking and fun in the kitchen. Until then, expect more grilling and greens!

Both the above pizzas were from the Flatbread Company. And they seriously have some of the best pizza. Ever! I'm planning on writing a review on them so for now I'll leave it at that. The top: pepperoni. The bottom: chicken, zucchini & summer squash, tomato, and plenty of cheese!

Photo from my babe :)

Amazing brisket nachos and some of the best blueberry beer around from Moat Mountain. Another place I'll be reviewing, so keep your eyes peeled!

This stuff just tastes like summer. Find it. Drink it. Love it!

And, finally, these happened - Oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies. And they were amazing. 

The End! Happy WIAW!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Its Wednesday. The middle of the week. Hump Day. Let's start off with a mindlessly fun survey!

Coke or Pepsi? I don't drink soda and when I do, its usually root beer. But given the choice, Coke.
Lemonade or fruit punch? Lemonade!
Caramel apple or cotton candy? Cotton candy. Blue. On a stick. :)
Butterfinger or Snickers? Depends what I'm in the mood for because I like em both.
Pudding or Jell-O? Pudding.
Turkey or chicken? Chicken.


American or Provolone cheese? Provolone. But sometimes a grilled cheese made with American is a must - so melty!
Crackers or cookies? Crackers. 
Pretzels or chips? CHIPS! I am a Chip Monster. I will destroy bags set in front of me.
Pie or cake? Cake.


Mexican or Japanese food? Mexican. 
Chinese or Italian food? Italian.
Ice cream or cookies? Ice cream.
Pasta or pizza? Seriously? This is seriously a question? Pizza! 


Soda or juice? Juice, which I rarely drink though. I usually just drink water.
Chocolate bars or chocolate truffles? Truffles. 
Apples or bananas? Can't pick, won't pick - both.
Salad or soup? Salad.
Cauliflower or broccoli? Cauli! Love, love, love!
Onion rings or French fries? DQ's onion rings.
Blizzard or McFlurry? Blizzard. 
Fried or poached eggs? Fried.
Crepes or pancakes? Pancakes.


Hashbrowns or roasted potatoes? Roasted potatoes because I'm assuming they meant homefries. Because homefries and hashbrowns ARE different, despite what some restaurants seems to think
Oatmeal or cereal? Oatmeal. I miss my old "usual" breakfast, before I turned mostly paleo.

Okay, that was fun! Let's get to some WIAW action now, shall we?

I can't be trusted with a container of raspberries since I will eat the whole thing in one sitting. So good! Definitely my favorite berry.

Holy crap, that's a lot of vinegar! Apple cider, pomegranate, fig, balsamic, raw coconut, blood orange, and malt. What are some other ones I should add to my collection?!

I made this Thai Grilled Chicken with Sweet & Spicy Dipping Sauce from the June issue of Eating Well. Pretty darn good! By itself, the chicken was fairly decent but it was definitely tastier with the sauce. FYI: the sauce recipe calls for rice or cider vinegar. I had seasoned rice vinegar, which already contains sugar, so I didn't add much more sugar to mine. Also, I realized that my rice vinegar isn't pictured above...another vinegar in the books!

Obsessed with this cheese! If you live near a Trader Joe's you absolutely must give this one a try!

Grilled pork tenderloin and applesauce, the perfect combo! I spiced my pork up with a little bit of...

Mama's Pearl hot sauce! I reviewed these Boston-based hot sauces on my blog, so check it out here

Spicy Tuna Tempura. The sauce on this was out-freakin-standing! New favorite sushi right here.

And since I don't have any boozed up shots for you this week (shocker, I know), how about some chocolate? Everyone loves chocolate.


Happy Wednesday!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Mama Pearl's Hot Sauce

My day was made a few weeks ago when I was approached about reviewing Boston-based hot sauce company, Mama Pearl's. Not only am I a hot sauce lover, but its always nice to support a local business! And they're made with all-natural, real ingredients so that totally sealed the deal.

Look at the gorgeous packaging! 

My favorite Mama Pearl's flavor is the Mild. Contrary to the name, it does have a kick of heat. It is the perfect hot sauce for my scrambled eggs in the morning - very flavorful without overdoing the spiciness. I've also put a big spoonful in veggie soup, on grilled chicken, and on top of pizza and it was fantastic every time. The Mild seems to be the workhorse of the hot sauce world, working well in practically all applications. :)

Mild Mama Pearl's + cheesy eggs = awesome breakfast!

Upon first look, the original flavor (aka Caribbean) made me think of pesto. However, it was nothing like pesto; it smelled of garlic and cilantro and I was immediately on board. Made with both habaneros and jalapenos, the original is darn spicy and a little goes a long way. This flavor also went great on eggs, but I especially enjoyed it on steak - it was kind of like a spicy chimichurri sauce! Betting it would be a great meat marinade as well.

The Fresa flavor is made with strawberries so I was expecting a sweet, milder heat. Was I surprised when I scooped up a whole ton and - whew! - almost blew my tongue out. Now that I know that though, I'm better prepared when using it and know not to go heavy at first. ;) I really enjoyed this hot sauce on pork and would like to use it next in homemade salsa. And check out this really unique recipe for Mama Pearl's Strawberry Stuffed French Toast!

Rumor has it that a fourth flavor, Hawaiian, will be debuting this fall. I have a feeling it will be just as deliciously hot as these three. In the meantime, I recommend that all you hot sauce aficionados seek out Mama Pearl's. You won't be disappointed!

Thank you to both Mama Pearl's and Lauren at Image Unlimited Communications for giving me the opportunity to check out Mama Pearl's Hot Sauce! 

[I was provided with complimentary bottles of Mama Pearl's Hot Sauce to sample. However, all opinions in this review are my own.]

Friday, July 12, 2013

Sweet N Crafty

Another week, another cone!

Sweet N Crafty is a cozy ice cream shop in Mansfield, one that locals flock to on warm summer nights and have for thirty years. Their old-fashioned ice cream is just the thing to cool ya off while hanging out on the outdoor porch. Plan your visit for Thursday or Sunday evenings and score live music to boot! Or head inside to keep cool and check out the game tables.

Sweet N Crafty makes their own soft and hard serve ice creams right on the premises. Thus, they typically have a smaller assortment of flavors than some shops but boy do they heap it right on there, so get a small or bring your appetite! And visit often since they alternate flavors fairly regularly.

I was baffled by the 'snow cream' flavor. The guy at the window said it was a very vanilla-y vanilla? Might have to try that next time and see for myself. Though I also heard the brownie sundae is chocolate heaven sooo we'll see.

Pretty sure this is the peanut butter fudge swirl - a new flavor in my repertoire! Wha-what?! I see the most perfect bite...

And I think my babe got cake batter. I gotta get better at remembering what these damn cones are, though I do remember stealing plenty of tastes. Luckily he's a great sharer! ;)

But my favorite thing about Sweet N Crafty is a memory. I remember when I was in third grade we could earn "coupons" from our teacher for good behavior, excellent work, that sort of thing. You could turn these coupons in for a multitude of things, like a night off homework or a special trinket. But what sticks in my mind is if you saved up enough tickets, my teacher would bring you here to get ice cream. So cool in my little third grader brain. 

Hell, who am I kidding, its still cool. And I'm still easily motivated by ice cream! 

Sweet N Crafty is located at 34 N. Main Street, Mansfield MA.

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