Friday, June 21, 2013

Crescent Ridge

Happy official first day of summer!

I'm hoping to talk ice cream every Friday this summer, so swing back each week for the scoop! 
(Haha get it - scoop? Hilarious.)

Now that the gorgeous weather is back, a few trips to Crescent Ridge are certainly in order. Gotta love stepping up to those outdoor ordering windows and ordering a cone. It just screams summer to me.

Man, trying to narrow your selections down is tough - there's over 40 different kinds of ice cream, yogurt, and sherbet just begging to be eaten. I'm a tad obsessed with anything cookie so a big scoop of Oreo or cookie dough typically tops my cone. Luckily my babe is usually game to try something new, so I can sneak a taste of it. ;)

If you are ordering toppings, don't forget that the "chocolate sprinkles" are called jimmies around here. Nothing vexes me more than when people call those sprinkles!! Sprinkles are the rainbow colored things. Thankfully, Crescent Ridge must have this pet peeve too...

After nabbing yourself a cone and some napkins, you can either pull up a seat on a bench or walk around and check out the cows on the property. Moo! Or, head inside and peruse the fresh, hormone-free milk (still in glass bottles!) and meats. The family owned and operated Crescent Ridge even still offers milk delivery service, if you can believe it. And, from the looks of their Facebook page, they've been hosting a farmers market on Saturdays. Clearly, CR has got it going on. So swing on by this summer and indulge a little!

Crescent Ridge is located at 355 Bay Road, Sharon MA.


  1. Happy Summer!

    I went for some good ol' fashion Froyo :)

    1. Yum, I hope you enjoyed it - gotta love a good cup of froyo! Happy first day of summer :)