Monday, March 4, 2013

Clyde's Grill & Bar

I can't wait until it warms up enough to start grilling again! But, in the meantime, if I want barbecue - I go to Clyde's in Walpole. This unassuming-looking restaurant is home to some meatastic meals. 

The restaurant and bar are on the smaller side but their menu sure isn't. Deciding can get a little tough because everything sounds good; plus their specials menu is usually pretty awesome too. In the past, I've had the mountain of nachos, a queso-cheese and chili topped burger & steak fries, and their pulled pork sandwich, which is excellent.

While you're waiting for your meal, kill some time by playing a game of cards or drawing on the paper tablecloth with the chubby crayons. Seriously, do it. Your food will come out so much quicker. ;)

On a recent visit, I devoured an order of Clyde's Signature Steak Tips. The beef was great quality and didn't really need any sauces and the seasoned fries were perfectly crunchy. My babe ordered the baby back ribs, which are always a great choice. They were messy, saucy, and oh so delish!

For the really hungry, try the 10 Gallon Burger challenge. This enormous burger comes with a heap o' chili on top, a ton of fries, and a half-hour time limit to finish it. Finish the entire plate and your meal is free and you'll be on the Wall of Fame. Fail to finish it and end up on the Wall of Shame. 

Trust me, the burger on the plate is larger than it appears!

A couple of years ago, two friends of mine attempted the challenge in a head-to-head competition. Unfortunately for them, neither finished their plateful but it was a lot of fun to watch!

Overall, Clyde's is a low-key place to grab a quick bite and the prices are certainly right. Wrangle up some friends and hit the trail for Clyde's!

Clyde's is located at  642 Providence Highway, Walpole MA. They don't have a website (that I can find) but check out some of their menu offerings here.

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