Sunday, January 6, 2013

Rock N Roll Cupcakes

*Hey guys, reminder: I'm in Africa until mid-January and hopefully my posts will all auto-publish correctly. Any emails or comments will be answered when I get home!*

My best friend and I have about a billion things in common. The short (and conveniently related to this post) list: we're both huge rock/metal fans, totally love food/eating, and enjoy traveling. 

So, it was only fitting that a few years ago, we were in Los Angeles and came across a tiny little shop: Rock N Roll Cupcakes. How's that for combining a few of our favorite interests?!

Sadly, I've learned that the shop has since closed. But I still wanted to write about it because I absolutely adore the concept.

The cupcakes were decent but truthfully, I can make better. It was really the cupcake's names that made this place. They were all a play-on-words from popular rock bands or songs. We tried the Oreo Speedwagon and Heath Richards on our trip.

Check out the other fun names...

Thankfully after some Internetting, I've found that a couple other places have done this rock theme. Rockin' Cupcakes in Michigan offer up Smashing Pumpkin and Paint It Black cupcakes, while New Jersey's Confections of a Rock$tar bakes up S'more Than a Feeling and Macaroon 5 treats. Comment below if you know of any others that I could add to this list.

What would you name your rock n roll cupcake?
Motley Blue-berry...Quince Neil...Tommy Lee-mon...Mick Marsbars...Nikki Twix?  Haha, sorry - got stuck on the (poorly-done) Crue theme.

PS Please tell me you all get the rock n roll humor here?! I think I'd cry if I have to explain. ;)


  1. I got so excited when I read about that cupcake shop in LA since I'm going there next week, then I was so let down to read that it's closed.

    The rock & roll theme is a great idea. You should market and sell these!

    1. Oh no! I'm sorry to have let you down! :( But I did find a couple of other ones in Michigan and New Jersey so, if you find yourself there you'll have some cupcakes!

      Thanks for the vote of confidence - I do totally love the idea because I'm a huge rock n roll fan, as well as a huge cupcake fan. ;)