Friday, November 9, 2012

Leyden Farm Vineyards & Winery

Though beer and I went through a rough patch of hating each other for a few years, it is now primarily my beverage of choice when indulging. Occasionally some hard alcohol slips in there but...that usually leads to trouble. And wine? Well, I was under the assumption I didn't like it after random sips over the years. However, I've recently been joining my Memere and Grandpa at wine tastings and am slowly discovering the varieties that I do enjoy! I seem to gravitate to white wines, especially the sweeter Rieslings.

Anyway, being as how my Memere has been one to get me more into wine, I decided to take her to Leyden Farm Vineyards & Winery in West Greenwich, RI for a wine tasting. As a relative newcomer in the wine world, Leyden doesn't yet have all the bells and whistles that more established vineyards might have. They are slowly building up their wine business so it was pretty neat seeing the earlier stages. In fact, they actually started business as a Christmas tree farm, from which you can still purchase trees. (And check out the shop for some gorgeous handmade ornaments to hang on said trees!)

Leyden's seems to keep their business close to home. Owner Maureen ran the tasting during our visit and was incredibly personable and the smile never left her face. And their pets are the inspirations behind the wine names and labels. So cute!

We were each allowed to try six wines and between us both we tried them all. I'd purchased a Living Social deal, too, so a yummy cheese plate came alongside. Wine + cheese = doesn't take much to make us happy!

We seem to have similar tastes in wine so we both ended up really liking the Golden Sangria and Romeo's Passion Fruit. Leyden's wines are reasonably priced, with most bottles running $16.99. Apple Jack Russell and Samson's Wildberry are definitely two wino favorites and were sold out when we visited. So, snag em if you see em!

Leyden Farm Vineyards & Winery is located at 160 Plain Meeting House Road, West Greenwich, RI.

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