Sunday, November 4, 2012

Asian Ginger

Funny thing about Asian Ginger: when I was growing up, this was the Friendly's that basically everyone in school went to during our formative years. So it was a bit of a shock when it closed and transformed into a sushi place! While it still looks like a Friendly's on the outside, the inside has been completely redone and is gorgeous. Seriously, my jaw dropped when I went in for the first time.

The window on the right of the doorway is a waterfall!

Okay, that's enough of my old stories and decor talk. You're obviously here to read about food, am I right?

So, my babe and I popped in here one day to give it a try. We had only eaten sushi one time before this point but today we were feeling brave and were planning on ordering a couple of rolls. We ordered a spicy tuna roll and a Philly roll. Both rolls were excellent and made using super fresh ingredients. Sushi rolls are pretty enough in their own right but check out the lovely plating...

I definitely took a pic actually with the sushi but that one mysteriously disappeared.

We've been back since and tried a yellowtail jalapeno roll, which was also very tasty and another perfect choice for us sushi beginners.

An absolute must order is their beef satay. It is the best "meat on a stick" I've ever had, marinated in something amazing and fork tender. The accompanying peanut sauce makes for a fabulous sidekick. 

Of course, in my mind, no trip to an Asian restaurant is complete without fried rice. One of my biggest rice peeves is when you can totally taste the dirty old oil. Asian Ginger's pork fried rice was another success - it was clean tasting and chock full of yummy tidbits.

Also enjoyed were the ubiquitous hot n sour soup and chicken fingers. 

Somehow, my babe and I managed to save room for dessert. Come on, how could we not splurge and try the deep fried chocolate ice cream? :D

Thoroughly full at the end of our feast, we were given warm moist towelettes to clean up with and then presented with chilled orange segments and fortune cookies. Such a nice touch at the end of a fabulous dinner. I am looking forward to many more excellent meals at Asian Ginger!

Asian Ginger is located at 70 Central Street, Foxboro MA.

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