Monday, October 29, 2012

Make It: Dirt

Thanks to Hurricane Sandy, I've spent the better part of today hanging out in the kitchen! This is by no means a bad thing.

A paleo sausage-veggie soup is simmering away, an acorn squash was roasted, lunches are prepped for the week, and mini paleo pumpkin breads, sprinkled with pepitas, just came outta the oven.

Yep, its been a productive day in my jammies. But I figured it was time to take a cooking break and devote some attention to my blog! And I realized I hadn't even shared anything really Halloween-y, which is ridiculous considering it is the bestest holiday ever.

So, today I wanted to share my Dirt recipe. Because mine is the absolute best. Sorry for the brag but its true. No mere concoction of just pudding and Oreos here - mine is a bit more elaborate and ALL the more delicious.

I'll never forget the first time I was introduced to Dirt as a kid. Someone brought it to a party in a giant flower pot with a little trowel for serving. I decided to be a bit more meta and put my dirt in the dirt. ;)


1 stick butter
1 large package Oreos, coarsely crushed
1 (8 oz) pkg cream cheese, room temperature
1 cup powdered sugar
1 large tub Cool Whip, thawed
1 large box instant pudding (chocolate or vanilla)
Milk, amount according to pudding box

1. Melt butter and mix with half of the crushed Oreos. Press into a 9x13 pan to create a rough crust in the bottom.
2. Cream together the cream cheese, powdered sugar, and half of the Cool Whip until smooth. Spread over the crust evenly.
3. Prepare pudding as directed on the box. Smooth over the cream cheese layer and refrigerate until set, about 10 minutes.
4. Spread remaining Cool Whip over the pudding layer. Sprinkle with remaining crushed Oreos. Don't forget the gummy worms! ;)

Okay, time to catch up on some reading. Hope everyone stays safe!


  1. oh my goodness that dirt recipe looks so good! I spent most of my day in the kitchen too... snacking. and pinteresting. and tweeting. and just wasting time on the computer until I can't anymore. At least you'll have some good foods to eat during the storm!

    1. Thank you! Hehe makes for quite the enjoyable day, doesn't it?! Hope you made some good eats too and are staying safe, if you're in the area :)

  2. That recipe looks crazy amazing. Especially because I LOVE pepitas. Good luck with the storm!

    1. Thanks! Me too - I've been eating a lot of pumpkin seeds lately!