Saturday, October 20, 2012

Beervana 2012

Last night my babe and I hit up Rhode Island's "Ultimate Craft Beer Fest" at Beervana 2012

Their mission? To enlighten & educate the community for the responsible appreciate of craft beer. Well, that was certainly possible with over 150 different kinds of craft brews available for tasting. 

Our mission? Try as many as possible! And while we made quite a dent, we unfortunately didn't try them all.

Sadly, I was a very bad blogger and didn't really take any pictures of the event or beers. You could say that I was a little bit preoccupied with getting my sampling glass refilled multiple times... ;)

The crowd.

A couple of new delicious finds were Brooklyn Brewery's Crochett Rouge Riesling, where you could totally taste the wine-y influence, and the Double White from Long Trail, which was very drinkable. There were a variety of sour beers there which was fun to try since I rarely pick them up - the Grey Sail Brewing Company's experimental sour pumpkin beer, "Gourdemyces", was my favorite of those. And a peach flavored brew from Belgium's Brasserie Dubuisson reminded me of peach schnapps...a bad thing for some but I was a fan. I also reaffirmed my view on porters - yuck, not for me!

In love with this shirt graphic - I'd love it as a poster!

The fest had a super fun vibe since everyone was such a jovial mood. Only about 1,000 tickets were sold so the large venue never felt too crowded and lines were fairly short. There were a couple of seminars for those extremely interested in learning more. There was a popcorn stand with spicy popcorn. Yep, you better believe that I hope to attend next year!

No, we didn't coordinate our shirts, like we were asked by a random dude.

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  1. Beervana? Sounds freakin' amazing! I would love to go to something like that.. But only if they promised gf beer, of course (which I've actually never tried).

    1. While I didn't notice any GF there, I bet there was at least a couple kinds. I personally have tried Redbridge and and New Grist. They weren't excellent but definitely drinkable. And even better - more and more are being developed all the time, so I bet you could find something tasty :)