Sunday, October 14, 2012

And the winner is....

Last Thursday, I asked everyone to help pick my birthday cake. A BIG thank you to everyone that chimed in with their vote...and an even BIGGER one for all of the sweet birthday wishes! You all rock! :D

Without further ado, the cakey winner was Fat Girl Trapped in a Skinny Body's Seven Layer S'mores Cake!

(Photo hers)

I was secretly hoping that this would be the winner! Just look at all of those fabulous layers. Not to mention that every possible flavor was present and accounted for in this monstrous ten pounder: brownie, chocolate chip cookie, cheesecake, graham crackers, marshmallow, and chocolate. Seriously, can you get any batter...ahem, better?!

I'm not a great cake froster - oh well.

The cake totally took hours to create but it was worth all of the time, effort, money spent on ingredients, and dirty dishes! 

Just some of the ingredients needed for this behemoth.

I pretty much followed all of the directions and recipes given on the original blogger's page, only changing a couple of things. My first change was baking all the individual layers in a 9x13 pan, since I didn't have two smaller springform pans. So I only ended up with one layer each of the brownie, cookie, and cheesecake rather than two. The cake was still impressively tall while being easier to cut into and having more to share.

Before I stacked my cake, I cut off the edges of the baked layers. (I ended up topping my cake off with the crumbled brownie and cookie crusts.) My other change was just in how I layered everything. Brownie, marshmallow, graham cracker, chocolate frosting, cookie, marshmallow, graham cracker, marshmallow, cheesecake, chocolate frosting for those keeping tabs. 

This amazing cake certainly isn't for the faint of heart. It is incredibly rich and filling. Not to mention full of calories, fat, and sugar. But we won't mention that because we all know birthday calories don't count! :)

Thanks again to everyone for voting...if I could send you all a piece, I totally would! <3

[Please visit Fat Girl Trapped in a Skinny Body's post for the delicious recipe and directions.]

You'll be called a Cake Master - I guarantee it.


  1. What a yummy looking cake! Great choice! :)

  2. Holy hell, that's one heck of a decadent cake. And the one I voted for... :)

  3. Hello, I am going to tackle this cake for a Christmas get together. I rather like the 9x13 pan idea. As I look at your picture I am trying to figure out your layers, Could you list from bottom to top what order you put everything in? Did you double your marshmallow Aountas I have heard mentioned? I am a bit perplexed with the graham cracker layer as I would think that it caused issues with cutting th cake. You did not experience this?

    1. I am very sorry about the lateness of my reply - I was away on vacation for the past month. This is most likely too late for you now but for anyone else that may have questions in the future:

      1. Layers: Brownie, marshmallow, graham cracker, ganache, cookie dough, marshmallow, graham cracker, cheesecake, ganache. [Topped mine off with the crumbled crusts that I cut off of the brownies & cookie dough layers before stacking.] Of course, feel free to mess around with the layers - it is extremely versatile!

      2. I didn't double my marshmallow filling amount - just spread it thinner. It seemed to be plenty for my taste.

      3. The graham crackers didn't hinder cutting the cake in any way. They tend to soften up as they sit, making cutting a breeze. :)

      Hope this helps!