Monday, September 24, 2012

It's Apple Season

Outside of Halloween, apple picking is definitely one of my favorite fall activities. Being outside in the crisp air, crunching through leaves, and shimmying up trees - yep, sounds like a perfect autumn day. 

On Saturday, my babe and I went to Honey Pot Hill Orchards in Stow, MA. After wandering around the large orchard, climbing ladders and taste testing quite a few apples, we filled an enormous bag with Macs and Spartans. Seriously, check out our haul...

Afterwards, apple cider donuts were a MUST! They were excellent and definitely worth breaking Paleo for. We got a half dozen and promptly ate them all up. #piggies

By the way, Honey Pot also has a corn maze, hay rides, and caramel apples & other food, so the ride up is worth the time. Make a day of it. I thought it was a fun little orchard, albeit pretty busy on the weekends.

As you can see, I'm now in possession of a TON of apples. I plan on eating most of them just straight up because I totally hate grocery store apples and avoid them at all costs, so this is the one time of year that I gorge on apples. However, a batch or two of homemade applesauce is a total must, right? 

I'm sure most of you already know how to make applesauce, but I'll share my method anyway. Peel and slice up a bunch of apples, toss em into a large saucepan with a big splash of water, and simmer the slices until they soften. Let them cool a bit and then smash with a potato masher for chunky sauce or smooth everything out with a stick blender. Most apples are sweet enough for me so I keep my applesauce unadulterated - just straight up apple. My babe likes his with cinnamon though, so I added some just for him. ;)

What else do you all like making with a surplus of apples? 
Share your favorite recipes!

(Also, how many times can I say 'apple' in one blog post?!) 


  1. I went to Honey Pot Sunday! I have been savoring my cider donuts. :-)

    1. Too funny! Yum, the donuts were so good - totally wish I had more ;)

  2. Wow this sounds just like the apple orchard I worked at in high school. Apple cider donuts, corn maze, and all! I love apples I eat them as much as possible. For dinner tomorrow I'm making roasted acorn squash with apples both from the orchard and turkey sausage. Enjoy your apples!

    1. Thanks, Marisa! Working at an orchard must have been a lot of fun :)

      Yummy, your dinner sounds fantastic - and a perfect fall meal - hope you enjoy it!