Monday, August 20, 2012

Local Product: Captain Mowatt's Scarlet Blaze

Oh. My. God. I am completely obsessed with this sauce!

After eating my weight in ribs at the Ribfest, I was walking off some of the calories when I stumbled upon a booth selling all kinds of delectable sauces. Made in nearby Portland, Maine by the W.O. Hesperus Co., there were many kinds that sounded fantastic. But the Scarlet Blaze caught my eye because it uses pomegranate, one of my most favorite fruits in the entire world! I've loved it ever since I was little. Every now and again, my dad would split one with me and then let me play keyboards in his studio. :) 

I've mostly used Scarlet Blaze as a chicken marinade - then, after grilling, slather more on top. It is fabulous! It is also amazing over grilled vegetables...even if you aren't a big veggie eater, I'm betting you'd be all over em after a drizzle or two of the sweet and spicy Scarlet Blaze. According to the company, it is also great on steak, pork, fish, and tofu. I can't vouch for those (yet) because my bottle was emptied rather quickly. 

Scarlet Blaze took the 1st place People's Choice spot in 2001 at the Pig n' Pepper Festival in Westford, MA. Ain't hard to see taste why! After trying Scarlet Blaze, not only am I going to buy more but I'm excited to try some of the other flavors. At $8.50 a bottle, it is a bit pricey but I absolutely think its worth it. So, give it a try and support a small local company. 

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(Note: W.O. Hesperus Co. did not endorse or in any way promote this blog post.  This is a product I personally use and enjoy.  All opinions are strictly my own.)