Monday, June 18, 2012

Beer, cheese, and chocolate!

(Jeez, where can I sign up for Blogging Titles 101?)

A couple Saturdays ago, my babe and I went to a fundraiser for the Providence Animal Rescue League (PARL), an organization that aids homeless animals in Rhode Island. I love animals, especially dogs, so this was something I was more than happy to support! Owners could get their pets micro-chipped for cheap, snag a pet goodie bag, and enjoy some live music. 

I am currently petless unfortunately, so you might wonder why I was there. Well, a portion of the event was called Pints for Paws, a local craft beer tasting. Makes more sense now, doesn't it? ;)

I tried almost twenty different beers, from a whole host of local breweries. Many of which were brews I've wanted to try but was a bit gun shy on purchasing a 6-pack, when I wasn't sure if I'd be into it. My hands-down favorite was Crabbie's Original Alcoholic Ginger Beer. It was fantastic! (Haha, upon looking it up, it was the only non-local beer there.)

Of course, after quaffing many refreshing beverages, one gets hungry. Luckily, two RI food trucks were on hand to stop our grumbling tummies!

Poco Loco is "the best damn taco truck in town." However, I can't vouch for that since I didn't have a chance to try their tacos. My heart was stolen by a quesadilla - the Chorizadilla, to be exact. Oh my lord, I am drooling just thinking about it. Chorizo & potato hash, Monterey Jack cheese, cilantro, and corn salsa. Oh, and mine also included bacon could add bacon to anything and why wouldn't I take em up on that offer?! My newest mission in life is to follow this truck around and eat this daily. Or, at the very least, to somehow make a fabulous rendition at home.

Fancheezical was also there, with a delicious array of grilled cheeses. Seriously, is there anything better than a toasty grilled cheese? Whether you snag one of their original sandwiches or build your own, I guarantee you'll be a happy camper. We gobbled up The Hill: Tuscan bread topped with melty provolone & asiago cheeses, fresh pesto, and tomatoes. Mmmmm!

Right before leaving the event, we noticed that a little cart had just shown up. PVD Pops, a pudding pop stand! One of my favorite summertime treats is a fudgcicle so, naturally, I had to get one. They are made in small batches, right in Providence, using local cream/milk. Super creamy and tasty!

One fabulous day! :)

What is your favorite food truck?


  1. I still haven't had the pleasure of eating from a food truck...what is wrong with me?! Quesadillas are basically my favorite food ever, and this one looks amazing! Off to scout out a food truck....

    1. Lol they can be hard to hunt down...let me know what you try out! And I'm with ya on the quesadillas - perfect food :)

  2. The beer was great, but the delicious food tied it all together. Best summer day so far!!!

  3. Oooh! The beer and food look delicious. Who could go wrong with those choices? I never go to food trucks.. I live in the middle of nowhere and go to college in the middle of nowhere, sooo there aren't a lot of food trucks around.

    1. We'll hafta change that! Perhaps I can bribe them to drive to you! ;)