Friday, March 9, 2012

Happy Fried-Day! (March edition)

"Summer lovin' had me a blast,
Summer lovin' happened so fast,
I met a dough made with PB...
And topped with jellyyyyy."

For some reason, Hampton Beach, New Hampshire makes me think of that damn Grease song.  (Hate that movie, by the way.)  It could be that its right on the beach.  Or maybe because I've seen Puddle of Mudd at the HB Ballroom Casino and they always do "Summer Lovin'" as a breakdown on "She Hates Me."  Either way, I'm a complete weirdo and let's just move on.  ;)

Can't believe that it is already March!  This month's Fried-Day is brought to you Blink's Fried Doe.  Sure, many of you have had fried dough, dough boys, whatever before but here's the thing...did you have list of possible toppings?  Yeah, I thought not.  From the classic powdered sugar - to PB&J - to honey & walnuts - to pizza topped, Blink's pretty much has it all.

On our trip, we snagged a freshly made piece of dough and requested some peanut butter and jelly action.  It was totally cute how they tried writing "Blinks" with the jelly!  :D  After settling down on a bench overlooking the Atlantic (oooh), we ripped into our dough (ahhh).  It was every bit as good as I had imagined - the dough was warm and was pleasantly chewy, the creamy peanut butter was warmed through, and the jelly was grape-alicious.

Have you ever had any crazy toppings on your fried dough?  
What places make YOU think about ridiculous summer songs?

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  1. I have never even heard of fried dough. Is it like a donut??
    Or literally just fried dough? (like bread dough?)

    1. Oh my goodness - you've been missing out ;) Get to a fair, stat!!

      It is a yeast dough that has been deep fried and then is topped, most commonly with butter & sprinkled with powdered sugar. [Also used often is a cinnamon-sugar mix.] SO yummy!