Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Note: The following ramble about my weekend does indeed have a point.  It is just a very talkative one.

So, on Saturday, my boyfriend and I headed into Boston for a day in the city with some visiting friends.  We started by grabbing brunch at The Pour House.  I got the Pour Joe's special: scrambled eggs with ground beef, spinach, mushrooms, & onions, served with home fries and toast.  I don't know that I had ever had ground beef in a breakfast/brunch dish before so it was cool trying something new...doesn't hurt that it was tasty, either.  We capped off brunch with a quick trip to the Prudential Center for a (free!) Paradise Bakery cookie!

"C is for cookie that's good enough for me!"

Afterwards, we grabbed a few brews at Dillion's and then headed over to Jillian's for some bowling.  I totally stink at bowling but whatever, I can laugh at myself.  (Hehehe, see?)  After a couple games in which I hopelessly lost, we hopped on the subway to hit up the North End for dinner.  A great idea and yet, a rather dumb idea.  Completely packed everywhere.  Duh on us.  But, eventually, we snagged a table at Gennaro's and feasted!  I got some yummy gnocchi and the four of us pigged out on dessert.  No pics, sadly.

Sunday was a little bit more waistline friendly, though we did meet up for breakfast with friends again.  Our favorite breakfast spot in Waltham (In A Pickle) had a looooong line so we stopped at Joseph's II.  While my meal wasn't terribly junky, it was certainly was no star.

French toast, scrambled eggs w/ ham & cheese, bacon, and my babe gave me his sausage.  (Get your minds out of the gutter...)

It was pretty nice outside that day, so we grilled that night for dinner.  Oh man, I can't even tell you how wonderful it was to have some grilled goods again.  Some monstrous steak tips, spicy red potato wedges, and a salad rounded out our fabulous weekend!

In short, this past weekend was crazy fun but holy moly, was I ready to get back onto the healthy side of things!  So, without further ado, allow me to show off the healthier side of my life with this week's What I Ate Wednesday...

Breakfast: Oatmeal w/ strawberries, bananas, and lotsa cinnamon!

Lunch: A multi-lettuce salad hiding beneath broiled chicken, tomatoes, cukes, chickpeas, and - yes - a TON of black pepper.  I happen to like it a lot, okay?  ;)

Dinner: Broiled chicken and Citrus-Pomegranate Quinoa Salad [ from Our Best Bites; I had to sub strawberries because none of the THREE stores I went to had poms :( ]

Snacky: A chocolate graham cracker sheet spread with PB2...yummy in my tummy

So, catch me up to speed - did you do any fabulous eating over this past week?  Oh, and have an amazing week!


  1. It ALL sounds good to me! I love indulgent weekends.

  2. haha i love the term multi-lettuce salad.

  3. That all looks so yummy! Especially that french toast ... it's a TOTAL weakness for me. And with powdered sugar? I'm a goner.

  4. What a fun weekend! I stink at bowling too, but I always have fun doing it : )

  5. @macnic: Heheh thank you! Me too - they're the best kind of weekends :)

    @Sara: Lol! ;)

    @Yellow Haired Girl: Totally agree - its one of my fave breakfasts. A bit of powdered sugar never hurt anyone!

    @Jess: So true! I think its those goofy shoes lol

    *Thank you all for stopping by!!*

  6. I love bowling! I find the more beers I drink the better I am. And you so remind me of my brother with the black pepper. That kid puts it on EVERYTHING! And not just a little...

  7. @Laura: Lol I like to think of them as aiming fluid! ;) And *everything* tastes better with a little (okay, A LOT) of pepper!

  8. I eat terrible (which means delicious) on the weekends. Probably not much better during the week, but I'm making an attempt. I put everything on lettuce and call it a salad so in my head it seems healthy... steak and cheese ona salad, twice baked bacon and cheese potato on a salad, barbque chicken on a salad, McDonalds hamburger and fries on a salad... you know, baby steps...

    1. Weekends are considered 'cheat days' around here ;) Its awesome that you are making an attempt to be healthier - keep at it!!!

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