Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Welcome back for another installment of What I Ate Wednesday!

I hope everyone had some great food and even better treats on Superbowl Sunday - I know I sure did.  Venison chili, buffalo & spicy Asian wings, cheese fondue, stuffed shells, cookie dough dip (!!!)...oh man, I don't even know what else.  Not to mention the "couple" of Bud Light Platinums I might have sipped...  At any rate, I'm glad to be back in the eating healthy routine!

Breakfast: English muffin w/ peanut butter & jelly; egg whites w/ cayenne; strawberries

I truly cannot wait for all the yummy summer produce to be back in season.  These were a pretty decent deal - 2 pounds for $4 - and looked mighty tasty, so I couldn't pass it up.  Thankfully, they were flavor-ific!

Lunch: Sun-dried tomato & basil stuffed chicken breast; salad w/ cuke, tomato, balsamic vinegar

This was a leftover dinner.  Honestly, I wasn't too impressed with the stuffed chicken recipe.  It was rather bland, considering the highly flavored ingredients.  Currently looking for a new one to try out, so let me know if you have any suggestions!

Dinner: Light pasta carbonara w/ turkey bacon, peas, & basil

Yum!  The only change I would make next time is to use whole wheat spaghetti.  I was out of it, unfortunately, because I actually prefer it.  

I forgot to snap pictures of my snacks this week.  I'm the nanny of a 21 month old so sometimes things can get a little crazy at work lol.  ;)  I munched on some red seedless grapes that morning and had a Chobani blood orange yogurt for my afternoon pick-me-up.

Off to see what you guys ate this week!

What did you all snack on during the Big Game?


  1. What a great question! My WIAW post is superbowl specific! That pasta looks so good! We never have bacon because my husband is allergic to pork. Do you think it would work with chicken bacon?

  2. @macnic - Yup, it'll definitely work...I used turkey bacon from Trader Joe's in mine and it was still fabulous! Off to check out your WIAW post and game day treats :)

  3. I love venison chili! We made some a couple months ago and I ate it for days.

  4. I cannot wait for all the summer produce either! Hoping all the warm winter weather everywhere doesn't mess with the prices or the crops.

  5. @Laura - Its SO good, isn't it?! Much less greasy than regular chili

    @Becca - I hope so too! Let's cross our fingers :)

    Thanks for reading, ladies!

  6. I cant wait for summer produce either! and for summer!!!! but i'd take your day of eats any day! =)

  7. I cannot wait for the summer and all the fresh fruit that will be available and so tasty too :)
    I enjoyed a bunch of random snacks during the game- mainly processed awesomeness :)

  8. @Jenn: Aww thank you! Here's to hoping that spring - and summer! - is just around the corner 8D

    @Tessa: Might as well take advantage of those opportunities when it is okay to eat all those goodies, right?! ;) I know I do!

    Thank you both for the lovely comments <3