Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy Fried-Day! (February edition)

Have you recovered from the last heart attack inducing Fried-Day?  Are you ready for more tantalizing treats?  Well then, buckle in...or possibly unbuckle...for this month's fried treat - deep fried bacon.

Oh uh, excuse me.  I actually meant: DEEP FRIED BACON.  (!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Just when you thought that bacon couldn't get any better (or is it worse? Hmm...), Beckett's Pub in Walpole, Massachusetts* has turned that ridiculous notion on its head. Three crispy slices of applewood bacon are dipped into a thick beer batter.  The coated strips take a quick trip through the deep fryer and are finished off with a maple-y drizzle.  The name says it all; what more can I say other than that they are deeeeeliciously sinful.

(*I absolutely cannot write Massachusetts properly anymore.  I continually write "Massachuseats" lol)

As one of my favorite foods, I'm sure you can understand what a revelation this was for me.  And I have had some pretty wacky "baconed" foods in my life!  If you continue reading MassachusEATS, you'll eventually be privy to all of em.  :)

PS That's me on the right...



  1. Oh man. Deep fried bacon?? You can sign me up for that! I recently got my friend a shirt that said, "bacon is meat candy." So true!

  2. @Mandy: Haha, love it - very true indeed! You gotta try it deep fried'll change your life (or something like that lol)

  3. This looks amazing! My boyfriend would be obsessed - I'll have to try to make it one day! Xoxo.

  4. @Lisa: You got one lucky boyfriend ;) If you give it a try, let me know how it turns out! Good luck & thanks for stopping by :)