Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I'm baaack with my second What I Ate Wednesday post!  I hope everyone had a great week, filled with lots of healthy meals and tasty treats.  Can't wait to check out the WIAW links at:

Oops, almost forgot to snap a pic...sorry this is half eaten!

Snack #1: Plain Greek yogurt w/ a kiwi
Snack #2: Banana w/ PB2
Dessert: Blood Orange Greek yogurt

A word about the blood orange is AMAZING!  It is one of 3 new Chobani flavors and I had to track it down, since blood orange is one of my favorite fruits/flavors.  It seriously tasted like a creamsicle!  If you find it, grab a container and the nearest spoon - you'll be glad you did :)

Time for a spot of tea...
365 Organic Green Tea w/ Pomegranate & Cranberry [from Whole Foods]

Don't forget to check out the other WIAW posts!  See you next week for another food filled day!


  1. YUM! So glad you found the new Blood Orange flavor. It is dreamy, right?! Thanks for making us a part of your daily eats- please email me if ya ever need a fresh supply! (

  2. Thanks, Lindsay! After one spoonful of the blood orange, I shunned my previous favorite (pomegranate) lol. I seriously might take you up on the offer - I eat Chobani almost every day ;)

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog! I have tried Chobani, but I haven't really gotten to like it just yet. Does it take time adjusting to that taste? I'm not a yogurt lover anyway. But, I like the protein aspect of greek. Do you mix it with something or just dive in with a spoon?

  4. Thanks for reading, Lynette! It definitely took me awhile to get used to Greek yogurt. I started with the already flavored kinds, to get used to the thickness and tang. Now I buy the plain (better than the vanilla, IMO) and add cut up fruit, like strawberries and blueberries. (Pomegranate seeds are awesome in it too!)

    I'm betting you'll find something that works well for you! Good luck :)

  5. Ok, now I MUST try the blood orange Chobani!

  6. You are so correct, Becca - you MUST! :D Thanks for reading!