Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy Fried-Day! (January edition)

(Hahaha, sometimes I slay myself!  Fried-Day on a Friday...chuckles all around.)

Anyway, while I am usually on that endless "eating healthy" quest, I can't help but love everything bad for me.  True, I  do actually enjoy eating everything that the produce department has to offer and filling up with whole grains.  But, sometimes.......that urge to chow down on something so obscenely unhealthy takes over and I have no choice but to obey!

Once a month, I would like to share some of the more outrageous artery-clogging foods I have eaten.  Why? Cuz I had the perfect title picked out, duh!  But seriously, I just thought that it'd be fun.

Exhibit A:

Deep fried Oreos from the Big E (Springfield, MA)

These are hands-down one of the most amazing things I have ever eaten.  You see, Oreos are slammin' on their own anyway.  But, with that thick batter and a dip into the deep-fryer, they are on a whole new level.  The batter coating is crispy, the chocolate cookie softens up perfectly, and the cream is just as perfect as ever.  Don't forget to guild the lily with a healthy sprinkling of powdered sugar!  ;)

Have you ever eaten deep fried Oreos?  Share your thoughts in the comments...


  1. I have never had deep-fried oreos, but they look/sound sinfully delicious!

  2. If you ever get a chance, I recommend trying one! They are SO BAD but SO GOOD lol ;)

  3. I ate deep fried oreo's at the NYS Fair a few years ago and loved them! It was like a donut filled with Oreo :)

  4. What a PERFECT way to describe them, Liz! Thank goodness I don't have access to them often ;) Thanks for reading!

  5. I've never had any of those fried things like oreos or twinkies. Someday I'll get up the nerve and try it. I just shiver at the thought of grease oozing out. Bleh! I guess you just have to be picky about where you get them, right?

  6. I just read about this somewhere: if things are properly deep fried, they actually won't absorb too much oil! Its when the oil isn't hot enough that the food starts getting oily and nasty. :)

    If you end up trying anything, let me know how you like it!! Each month I'm planning on doing a fried-day post so you're welcome to come back and see what other craziness is out there ;)