Friday, December 30, 2011

So long, 2011...hello, 2012!

A new year is looming upon us!  How in the world did that happen?  I say it every year but this year I really mean it - 2011 went by crazy fast!  But what a fantastic year it was.  I had a blast making a couple changes in my life, embarking on a few new experiences and, of course, eating at a bunch of new lip smackin' good places.

With the best of intentions, I am planning on doing a better job at updating this blog.  Hopefully the world won't end because I have a ton of great restaurants to share and a slew of tasty recipes ready for other mouths to chow down on!

So, happy new year to all of you!  Cheers to 2012!

Some of my favorites from this year:

Braised ox-tail from Sandy's in St. Maarten

Chicago-style hot dog from Downtown Dogs in Chicago, IL

A 3-hour-old Bud Light straight from the finishing tank at 
the Budweiser factory in Merrimack, NH

Margherita pizza from Keste in New York City

Assorted (boozy!) truffles from Teuscher Chocolatier in Boston, MA

Stingy Jack's Pumpkin Wine (posted about here)

Delmonico Potatoes (posted about here)

Sticky Bun Pumpkin Muffins (posted about here)

Banana Beer Bread (recipe coming soon!)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Restaurant Roundup: The Pour House

Truthfully, we ended up at The Pour House thanks to Google Maps.  While hanging around Boston one day, our original restaurant choice was - alas! - only serving brunch.  Not being in the brunching mood, I searched a minute on my phone and, based on the name alone, decided to check it out.  Still, we were a bit hesitant because, for some reason, the Google listing said it had a "Middle Eastern" theme to it.

(Photo credit:

Well, I'm glad that we went anyway because that was very untrue.  (Not that I am hatin' on Middle Eastern cuisine at all.  We just weren't in the mood for it.)  The menu had a pretty typical set of options - burgers, sandwiches, wings - and a Mexican section.  Check out this insane mountain of nachos that we got!

In other words, my favorite kinds of bar food...and did I mention the beer?  PBR on draft!  I was psyched!  Somehow, I can't pry myself away from my cheap swill but Pour House does offer less crappy beer and they have a full bar (three, actually).  :)

On Saturdays and Sundays, brunch is served until 3pm.  I haven't tried anything yet but all the passing plates looked yummy.  I am drooling over their Super Homefries - homefries grilled with bacon, sausage and cheddar and then covered with three eggs and toast. I can feel my arteries yelling at me already but everything yummy about breakfast on one plate?  Sounds too good to be true haha!

I was even more psyched when I noticed that the prices were damn cheap too.  Prices tend to be higher in the city, ya know?  If you wanna save even more money, check out their daily specials, such as half priced burgers on Saturday nights (6pm-10pm).  Oh, and the atmosphere was fun.  Lots of crazy shit hanging on the walls to look at, including graffiti.  All in all, the Pour House is definitely a great place to meet up with friends and hang out.  I wish I lived a bit closer.  ;)

The Pour House is located at 907 Boylston Street, Boston MA.