Monday, January 3, 2011

Welcome to MassachusEATS!

Welcome to MassachusEATS!  I’ve created this blog to tackle the myriad of ideas that have been floating around in my head for some time now…

First and foremost, this blog isn't aiming to rate or formally review any restaurants, a la Phantom Gourmet or the Boston Globe's Dining Out.  Nope!  What I hope this blog accomplishes is giving Massachusetts residents (and guests) ideas on where to go in the search for some grub.  I get pretty aggravated when I find myself starving and am four pages deep in Internet listings for places to chow.  I’d like MassachusEATS to become a one-stop spot for inspiration on where to go or what to eat.  Also, sometimes in the search for new, favorite places can get lost in the shuffle.  This is a handy way to “reintroduce” those establishments. 
I do want to point out that I currently live in Southern Massachusetts – Norfolk County, to be exact.  So, while I want to encompass as much of the state as I can (and will strive to do), many restaurant postings will be around my area.  Please don’t let this deter you from visiting the site as I have other fun postings in mind, such as Tasty Tuesday recipe postings (did I mention I also love cooking?); Travel Thursdays, where I will take you outside the borders of Massachusetts; and Fried Days (on, err…Fridays, hahah).
I have some great places and ideas to share with you!  But, I also hope that you will share your thoughts and insight we me as well!  Feel free to comment on posts or email me at massachuseats (at) gmail (dot) com .  Happy eating!  :)

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